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Fusion's - Signature Series Marnie Amplifier
  • Fusion's - Signature Series Marnie Amplifier

    Easily extend your audio entertainment to new areas of you boat with a whole new level of on-water entertainment. Signature Series amplifiers are designed specifically for marine use, with conformal coated PCBs to provide extra protection from the marine elements. This extends the products' lives and ensures that the amplifiers will continue to perform season after season on board. 3 year warranty


    Comes In Three Models:

    •  SG-DA61500 : 1500w - 6 Channels
    •  SG-DA51600 : 1600w - 5 Channels
    •  SG-DA82000 : 2000w - 8 Channels



    • Class-D amplifier technology
    • 1 piece die cast heat sink discrete install panel
    • Conformal coated circuity
    • Stainless steel mirror finish
    • 2-Ohm stable stereo 
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