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Memphis Audio - Bluetooth Controlled LED Kit
  • Memphis Audio - Bluetooth Controlled LED Kit



    • Music Mode
    • Million color combinations
    • 10 individual 4.5" strips w/ 60 total RGB LEDs
    • 9 speed flashing and fade modes
    • Slim easy hidden control box
    • Optional wired remote control
    • Last function memory
    • 4-button key chain remote (optional)
    • The MXALEDBT Kit

      MXALEDBT kits are give you the ultimate control over your LED lighting. Each kit contains 10 individual 4.5" RGB LED strips.  Take control of your LED kits via Bluetooth using the Memphis LED application available for iOS and Android.  Control 9 speeds of flashing and fading along with music mode to make your lighting dance to music.  Over one million color combinations are available to make your vehicle one of a kind.   Expand your LED system to include speaker LED light rings and sync every element of your LED light system.  The LED light strips provided are resistant to water and elements and have 3M adhesive backing for a simple peel and stick application.  Place your lights, run your wires and take control of your lighting!

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