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Memphis Audio - Subwoofer LED Ring Kit

Memphis Audio - Subwoofer LED Ring Kit



  • Upgrades MXA subwoofers to LED.
  • Rings sold in individually.
  • 20 Different vibrant LED light colors
  • LED rings can be hard wired with or out controller
  • Mounts directly to backside of MXA subwoofer grills
  • Add MXALEDCTR to adjust color, brightness, flash and fade
  • Combine rings with MXALED light kits (MXALEDBT/MXALEDFOB) for maximum control of your lighting system
  • The MXALEDSB1 Kit

    Turn your MXA subwoofers into LED light shows with MXALEDSB1 subwoofer rings.  These RGB LED rings are sold individually and fit all Memphis Xtreme Audio subwoofers.  Subwoofer rings fit directly onto the backside of MXA Subwoofer grills. Grills not included.

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