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OceanLED - XSeries Underwater Light
  • OceanLED - XSeries Underwater Light

    OceanLED X-Series is a superb underwater LED light range for virtually all fishing and cruising boats. Outputting up to 2,300 fixture lumens from a low profile design, with Midnight Blue, Ultra White and Colours light options. Focused optics, designed by OceanLED, offer a 60° surface beam angle providing excellent water penetration ensuring a large area is illuminated. Easy to install and simple to maintain makes the X-Series a great choice for you and your boat.

    Compact and simple design makes it quick and easy to install on virtually any boat.


    Pick A Colour. Any Colour.

    Use Xtreme Colours models alongside the OceanDMX App for iOS or Android. Pick your favourite colour, sync with your tunes or switch to Wave Impact mode for a dramatic spectacle on the move.

    • Light Options


      • Boat Size: Up to 30'
      • Lumens: 1450
      • LED Colour: Ultra White or Midnight Blue
      • Amps: 0.8A @ 12V
      • Size: 5.4"L x 2.91"H
      • Angle: 60°


      • Boat Size: Up to 50'
      • Lumens: 2900
      • LED Colour: Ultra White, Xtreme Midnight Blue or Xtreme Colours
      • Amps: 1.65A @ 12V
      • Size: 8.62"L x 3.07"H
      • Angle: 60°


      • Boat Size: Up to 65'
      • Lumens: 5800
      • LED Colour: Xtreme Midnight Blue or Xtreme Colours
      • Amps: 3.2A @ 12V
      • Size: 9.84"L x 4.29"H
      • Angle: 60°
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