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Ronix- Wakesurf Shaper -Hollow Concave Velcro w/ Boat Shims
  • Ronix- Wakesurf Shaper -Hollow Concave Velcro w/ Boat Shims

    Hand down the biggest aftermarket wave enhancing device


    • 19.5” - Length

    • 12.5” - Height

    • 9” - Depth

    • Hollow Inside - easily submersible

    •205 Square Inches of Deflection Area

    • The Wakesurf Shaper Hollow Concave Velcro

      If your boat is a model with curvature to the hull or pronounced channels, which is the case in boats, you won’t have a secure mount with suction cups. In that case you need our velcro version. Both our standard and XL model come with a 1”, 2” shim or use them both together to create a 3” shim that will help make even the most defined chime fit flush. Still an easy to use system - put the layer of velcro on both the port and starboard while the boat is dry and out of water - and the wakesurf shaper has the corresponding velcro to give a super secure fit.

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